Moonfest 2017

Moonfest 2017

Moonfest 2017 October 28 8pm Clematis ST. West Palm Beach

The Drip Effect

Formed in the summer of 2011, The Drip Effect is a four-piece based in West Palm Beach, FL. They have played multiple cities including: Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, and Ft Myers and have shared the stage with various national acts such as: Lit, Smile Empty Soul, The Misfits, Drowning Pool, and Cold Cave.

The Drip Effect released their raw debut EP titled “Dinosaw” in May of 2014. The Drip Effects’ sound is not easy to describe. It can range from heavy hitting distortion, to ambient breaks in songs. The Drip Effect has often been described as a “wall of sound” and have been compared to bands such as Deftones, Chevelle, and Muse. Mixing melodic tones and heavy breaks to form a mix between Alternative, Post Metal, and Indie/Rock.

2016 showcases their latest full length concept Album “What Holds You Down”. Delivering a more mature,and mainstream effort. Evolving with higher  accessibility to a wider audience using memorable hooks, well calculated layers, and three dimensional sound. The goal? “We really wanted the songs to paint an atmosphere while setting a narration through an odyssey of a story.” explained lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Oscar Ramirez.

Their new outing is slated digitally for September 27th, while the physical version is due out October 11th. You can stream the new album everywhere else via Spotify and other related services, later this year.
Twitter: TheDripEffectSF
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More live videos upon request.