Moonfest 2017

Moonfest 2017

Moonfest 2017 October 28 8pm Clematis ST. West Palm Beach

State of


“Unlike The White Stripes, the music is not bluesy and doesn’t feature guitars. Instead, The State Of is composed of Steph Taylor’s keyboard,synthesizer, vocals, and Nabedi Osorio’s drums. The music is usually fast-paced and blurs the line between rock music and electronica sub-genres such as drum n bass. Unlike Death From Above 1979, the music features no distortion on bass, and while it’s not fast-paced like the dance-punk sub genre, it still makes you want to dance. The duo are true to their dark pop sensibility because it’s not what you would consider happy music, but their music is far from a party-buzz-kill.

My personal opinion of The State Of matches the same as most people, and I must add that with a lot more enthusiasm. Considering I’m really big on the electronic rock sound, I really admire the fact that some people got together, worked with very minimal resources and made an amazing band together. The State Of reminds me of the day I was amazed when I discovered Death From Above 1979 with the exception of the musical style differences. To me, I hear a rock band with a live drum n bass edge. The State Of is a great example of my admiration for electronic rock. I will also give tons of salute to these ladies for working together as a duo and covering all the empty spaces with their music, just the two of them. Keep it up!” – DAMIAN C