Moonfest 2017

Moonfest 2017

Moonfest 2017 October 28 8pm Clematis ST. West Palm Beach

Gravel Kings

Tucked somewhere in the heart of Florida, amongst the metal communities of Tampa and the dance scenes in Miami you’ll find the impassioned and emotive Americana outfit Gravel Kings.  Despite the Fort Pierce fourpiece’s discernible differences to their surroundings, they’ve impeccably established their folk-rock footing. Built on the foundations of colorful harmonies, meticulous storytelling and a fundamental understanding of the oldest and earliest roots of music, the band has unapologetically carved their own path in the Southern Florida scene.
“We stick out like a sore thumb,” frontman Zack Jones confesses of his band. “There’s not a lot of Americana down here, so there are not a lot of places to be a sore thumb.”

Gravel Kings had no choice but to expand globally. Hell-bent on creating a sound that could resonate in Laurel Canyon, Music Row, and Greenwich Village, the band joined forces with legendary producer James Paul Wisner (Amy Winehouse, Dashboard Confessional) to create Lure. The transition from the band’s 2014 full-length Arrows and Maps is unquestionable. “Wisner pushed us extremely hard in the studio,” admits Jones. “He made us realize our potential. He showed us that our songs can always be better. We bought in and walked away with a better understanding of who we are as a band.”

Underneath the exactness of Wisner’s signature polished sound, Lure is blooming with commotion that captures the band’s vivacious dispositions. The EP’s opening track, “You Were Loved”, swells with articulate vocals and trembling, boundless guitar. Propelled by Joey Johnson’s exuberant banjo, “When You’re Gone” slingshots Lure into an Old 97s like sound, which transcends into the following two tracks, “Bones” and “Dead Men”.  Only on the album’s smoother closer “Livin’” does Gravel Kings pull away from their driven drum and bass duo of Douglas French and Aaron Teems respectively, dialing down the clamoring of their bluegrass instrument to let the honest and candid storytelling that has run the course of the album, rest softly over old west, saloon style piano.

The intricate arrangement of Wisner’s precision, Gravel Kings’ passion, and Jones candid storytelling creates an Americana formula flawlessly acceptable anywhere…even in non-traditional markets like Florida.